Maldives Law Institute

Independent non profit non-government organization

The Maldives Law Institute (MLI) is an independent non profit non-government organization established under the Associations Act of the Maldives. The purpose of the MLI is the engage in research primarily into Maldivian law, promote and assist the development of laws and regulations in the Maldives and to foster a better understanding of the Maldivian law, both locally and globally.

The Maldives Law Institute is also the publisher of the peer-reviewed quarter periodical – the Maldives Law Review (MLR).

The Maldives Law Institute is also actively involved in publishing legal textbooks and we recently published the first-ever comprehensive academic literature on the Maldivian Legal System under the same title written in English. The text is currently available in libraries of major universities and available for purchase at the Maldives Law Institute and online on Amazon.com.