Seminar on Goods and Services Tax

September 9, 2011

Law on Goods and Services Tax (Law 10/2011) was passed by the Parliament and is due to come into force on 2nd October 2011. This law imposes an across-the-board goods and services tax of 3.5% from 2nd October 2011 onwards and 6% from 1 January October 2012 onwards.

Suood Anwar & Co – Attorneys at Law is organizing a seminar on Goods and Services Act, targeted at owners, senior management and financial executives of businesses incorporated and operating in the Maldives.

The seminar is aimed to provide a comprehensive review of the act, the legal obligations created under the act and give a thorough understanding of the tax regime that is established and currently in place under the Act.

Specific areas covered shall be as follows;

  • The basis of taxation under the Act

  • Administrate provisions under the Act

  • Calculation of taxes and exemptions 

  • Offences and Penalties

The Seminar will be conducted by Husnu Al Suood and Mohamed Shahdy Anwar of Suood Anwar & Co.

Date and Venue of the seminar will be as follows:

  • Date: 21st September 2011

  • Venue: Nalahiya Hotel Seminar Room

  • Time: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm

  • Participation Fee: MRF 2,750 per participant. A 10% discount will be offered for participation of more than 1 participant by the same organization.

For participation, interested parties may complete and submit the Application Form provided by fax or email by the end of 19th September 2011. (Please complete an additional form if you wish to register more than one participant).