Arbitration History Made!

June 28, 2020

For the first time in the Maldives, a foreign arbitral award has been directly enforced in the Maldives. In the case of International Construction Consortium v Gasveli Island Pvt. Ltd (1197/CV-C/2013) where the parties had opted for disputes to be settled by arbitration at the Kuala Lumpur Regional Center for Arbitration under UNCITRAL rules, the court has enforced the award rendered by the arbitration. 

Even though the Maldives is not a party to the New York Convention, the award was enforced pursuant to the Article 72 of the Arbitration Act (Law No. 10/2013) and Article 11 of the Regulation made under the Arbitration Act.

International Construction Consortium was represented by Mohamed Shahdy Anwar and Aishath Sheeza of Suood & Anwar LLP.

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