Regulatory & Compliance

Regulatory and Compliance

Our lawyers have been at the forefront of legislative and regulatory drafting and administrative law in the Maldives. Our cross-sector expertise has enabled us to advise on regulatory compliance with matters related to employment, foreign investments, banking and capital markets in both local and cross-border transactions. 

Our lawyers assist the clients in understanding their accountabilities, risks, management of risks and modes of dealing with complex regulatory regimes while undertaking their daily transactions. We have cultivated an outstanding rapport with members of a variety of regulatory and oversight bodies and agencies. This assists our lawyers to give inclusive advice from a well-informed perspective to the clients. All our resources are utilized to meet all the set out regulatory requirements in order to enhance efficacy in all the operations that are run hence boosting compliance.

The breadth and depth of our knowledge of the local laws and regulations and our expertise across jurisdictions enable us to assist clients across the globe. Our lawyers strive to assist clients with all regulatory and compliance issues in an effective and innovative manner. We offer counsel to clients across jurisdictions, making them stand out in cross-border transactions.

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