At S&A Lawyers LLP, we are at the forefront of employment law in the country. Our lawyers have been involved in the inception and drafting of the current Employment Act as well as academic work on the development of employment law in the Maldives. We have represented our clients at the Employment Tribunal, the High Court and the Supreme Court of the Maldives in employment matters and have successfully represented clients in landmark employment cases where significant and important precedents have been established.

Our lawyers are amongst the best litigators in the Maldives and some of the core legal aspects that our lawyers deal with under employment law include unlawful dismissal, work discrimination, sexual harassment, summary dismissal and infringement of work rights among employees. We also offer advice to employers on how to ensure that their employees are productive and how the laws and regulations protect the rights of  both employers and their employees.

The recent years have seen a dramatic change in the employment environment with the effects of the global pandemic and the first substantial amendment of the Employment Act that was enacted in September 2020. Our lawyers have been actively engaged with non-government organisation as well as other key stakeholders in discussing the implications of these changing employment legal environment. We have worked closely with our clients to ensure their company policies and procedures are in compliance with the evolving employment law as well as informing our clients of new interpretations as decided by the courts in the Maldives.

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