Dispute Resolution & Litigation

We build strategies for our clients to resolve disputes and importantly to avoid them in the first place. Clients appreciate the precision and clarity of our advice and our emphasis on strong and close relationships.

We advise across a wide range of sectors, such as:

  • Banking, insurance, and financial services
  • Hospitality and real estate
  • Communications and technology
  • Development and construction
  • Shipping and maritime
  • Aviation

Our specialisms include:

  • Employment
  • Tax
  • Banking
  • Information Technology
  • Intellectual Property
  • Administrative and Regulatory

Recent major litigation matters

  • Won a multimillion-dollar arbitration award in damages for a world leading hotel operator and successfully obtained recognition of the award’s legality, validity, and enforceability of arbitration agreements and foreign arbitral awards in the Maldives.
  • Successfully negotiated a substantial favorable settlement for a construction contractor through which our client avoided litigation with a state-owned development corporation.
  • Prevailed in an action for largest cable TV operator in the Maldives against the local tax authority. In this landmark decision, which is now the leading authority on this point, the Supreme Court of the Maldives agreed with our submissions with respect to the interpretation and application of the Business Profit Tax Act.
  • Successfully acted for one of the most profitable hotel operators in Maldives in which the court agreed with our submissions and limited the scope of the Business Profit Tax Act such that withholding tax is not charged to reimbursement expenses under hotel management agreements unless the nature of specific transactions are same as those specified in the Act.
  • Obtained a landmark employment decision in favor the largest hotel management conglomerate in Maldives. The Supreme Court agreed with our submissions, and this is now the leading authority in Maldives on redundancies.

People in the practice area

Zain Shaheed


Mizna Ahmed


Naajy Faiz


Juni Latheef


Hussain Siraj


Shujau Shareef