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Posted 1 year ago

We are looking for 3rd or final year law students who are seeking internship opportunities at the firm. These paid internship would focus mostly on dispute resolution and litigation and is designed to give interns experience and exposure to the practical aspects of the judicial system and the application of knowledge learnt at the law school and being introduced to how that is applied in real life.

For the Verbal Reasoning Test please read the paragraph below and answer the questions.

Instituted in 1979 as a temporary measure to limit population growth, China’s one child policy remains in force from 1979 until August 2021. China’s population control policy had attracted criticism because of the manner in which it was enforced, and also because of its social repercussions. Supporters of the Chinese government’s previous policy consider it a necessary measure to curb extreme overpopulation, which had resulted in a reduction of an estimated 300 million people in its first twenty years. Not only was a reduced population environmentally beneficial, it also increased China’s per capita gross domestic product. The one-child policy had led to a disparate ratio of males to females – with abortion, abandonment and infanticide of female infants resulting from a cultural preference for sons. Furthermore, draconian measures such as forced sterilization were strongly opposed by critics as a violation of human reproductive rights. The one-child policy was enforced strictly in urban areas, whereas in provincial regions fines were imposed on families with more than one child. There were also exceptions to the rules – for example, ethnic minorities. A rule also allowed couples without siblings to have two children – a provision which applied to millions of sibling-free adults of child-bearing age.

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